Dear Sir/Madam,

Our company was established in 2001. We started the distribution of the hygiene products in 2003. Our main aim was to supply the area of our site and its 50 km region as widely as possible. Our starting business has doubled and later it tripled itself.

We can provide our customers with excellent quality in a reasonable price. As a result of the work invested nowadays we are delivering products to more regions especially to East-Hungary. We are trying to satisfy the needs of our buyers at the highest level with three trucks and two warehouses always fully stocked.

The existence is not easy though as a result of our increasing clientele we can renew and grow continuously. We would like to meet the growing expectations with marketable prices and short delivery times in the future, too.

Keeping in mind the more complete satisfaction of our customers' needs we are constantly improving our vehicle park and growing the number of our employees in order to the products reach you as soon as possible.

Have a good surfing and enjoyable time!
Família Papír Kft.