Folded paper towels

Our folded paper towels meet all requirements in case of the hygiene of a simple lavatory or a professional hotel. These products are made of recycled or cellulose materials in one or two layers. The folding mode of our paper is made in “Z”, “V”, “C” and interfolded forms. They are compatible in all kind of feeder.

  • 5000 sheets „Z” natural
  • 5000 sheets „Z” green
  • 5000 sheets „Z” white
  • 3000 sheets „Z” 2-layered white
  • 3000 sheets „Z” 100% cellulose
  • 3200 sheets „C” natural
  • 3200 sheets „C” green
  • 3200 sheets „C” white
  • 3200 sheets „C” 100% cellulose
  • Interfolded 2-layered white
  • Interfolded 2-layered 100% cellulose