Sanitary paper

We can provide wide range of sanitary papers so as to meet every user’s requirements. The sanitary papers are distributed in one-, two- or three-layered versions and they can be for industrial or domestic use. Certainly, they may be placed in any feeder.

Our sanitary papers offer an extensive product range for you. Here you can find a taste of the most popular and qualitative types.

  • 19 cm natural 1-layered
  • 23 cm natural 1-layered
  • 28 cm natural 1-layered
  • 19 cm white 2-layered
  • 23 cm white 2-layered
  • 28 cm white 2-layered
  • 19 cm 100% cellulose
  • 23 cm 100% cellulose
  • 28 cm 100% cellulose
  • Folded 2-layered white
  • Folded 2-layered 100% cellulose
  • Small roll (domestic toilet paper) 1-layered natural
  • Small roll (domestic toilet paper) 2-layered white
  • Small roll (domestic toilet paper) 2-3-layered 100% cellulose